MCTC is an non-governmental organization (NGO) beholding high principles and ethics in working together to eliminate smoking habits among Malaysian through Advocacy, Research and Promotional Strategies

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About Us

Who We Are?

The Clearinghouse for Tobacco Control (CTOB) mooted the idea for the formation of the Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control (MCTC) at a conference called “Communicating the Evidence for Tobacco Control” in 2003. CTOB went on to serve as the Interim Secretariat, consulted the Registrar of Societies on the rules and regulations, and subsequently convening a meeting of multi- stakeholders where the constitution and framework for MCTC were discussed and formulated

What We Do?

CTOB was also responsible for communicating and networking with relevant organizations which would form MCTC, through questionnaires in order to understand their organisations’ roles on tobacco control in the country.

Our Process

MCTC's Approach

The mission of the MCTC is to unite and strengthen civil-society’s actions in tobacco in Malaysia. MCTC does this by working together with all our partner organisations and other stakeholders in the field of tobacco control via multi-pronged approaches aimed at stimulating transformational change in tobacco control. The MCTC carries out its tasks via the following main pillars:



Play an active advocacy role for the formulation of appropriate policies for tobacco control


To promote and participate in research in on all aspects of tobacco control


To facilitate and disseminate information to all segments of the public in terms of tobacco control via the organisation and running of conferences, seminars, workshops and other activites


To promote and facilitate partnership and networking among individuals as well as organisations at the national, regional and international level for working together on all areas of tobacco control

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